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The Homesick Truant’s Cumbrian Yarn 8

£3 p&p

Commissioned by The Lakes International Comics Art Festival and The Brewery Arts Centre. Supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

24 pages, black and white. Cover stock 160gm recycled. Inner stock 120gm recycled.

Printed at MARC

(note to international buyers: I’ve been taking a big hit on postage of late due to me being shit on the internet.  Sorted that out a bit now which means, i’m sorry, but the postage has gone up a bit for y’all.  Sorry guys and thanks for you custom so far. x)


Announcing our annual Mini-Grant Winners!

MICE is proud to award six exhibitors the MICE Mini-Grant of $75 toward the cost of producing their mini-comics. Here are the winning submissions, be sure check them out for yourself at the show!

Sara Goetter - The Wicked Queens

The Wicked Queens are a bunch of incurable high school delinquents get an ultimatum from the principle: either stay out of trouble, or no prom. But for the Wicked Queens, avoiding trouble is no easy task. Find Sara at table A34.

Laila MilevskiFrom a Dream

A woman encounters a mysterious tattoo artist whose designs gives his clients ecstatic and terrifying visions. Find Laila at table A60.

Nick OffermanInto the Waves

When a young teen girl slips away from her parents during their seaside vacation, she gets her first tastes of grown-up longings and pain. Find Nick at table B77.

Hannah FisherPenny Candy

On a visit to the town where she lived as a child, a young woman’s not-so-sweet memories are awakened by a trip to the candy store and some innocuous childhood treats. Find Hannah at table A51.

Reilly HaddenAstral Birth Canal

A kid escapes from his humdrum life and abusive father by watching pro-wrestling and playing video games. A mysterious new arcade game offers he and his friends a a REAL escape. Find Reilly at table B87.

Ansis PurinsZombre #3

Forces of good and evil fight it out in an enchanted State Park, while the beleaguered park rangers try to keep things under control. Find Ansis at table C97.



Bumperhead – Gilbert Hernandez goes back to Oxnard for a potent tale of 1970s adolescence


Ten pages of original art by Mike Deodato Jr. from the 12 page Nightcrawler story, “The Gift,” in X-Men Unlimited #32, published by Marvel Comics, September 2001.


"Dance Yourself To Death" - For the Irene 3 anthology. Buy the entire mind explosive anthology today! 


Story by Josh Simmons/ Art by James Romberger
Available now from Oily Comics
A harsh tale
My fourth comic with Oily!



Story by Josh Simmons/ Art by James Romberger

Available now from Oily Comics

A harsh tale

My fourth comic with Oily!


I have said it before and I shall say it again – with its global scope and the exciting opportunities to discover fresh comics voices within its vibrant pages, š! is one of the most important altcomics publications on the international scene. If you haven’t checked the book out to date then you really do need to rectify that situation as soon as possible.

Andy Oliver reviews š! #17 ‘Sweet Romance’ for Broken Frontier

Cover by Patrick Kyle, excerpts above by Aisha Franz, Ayumu Arisaka, Ginette Lapalme and Tomasz Niewiadomski.

Copies are still available here.

How the World Was: A California Childhood – Emmanuel Guibert takes His friend's childhood recollections from the mundane to the sublime


Story from Plans We Made, my book coming from Grimalkin Press next year


Bill Sienkiewicz 2010: The Spirit #1
Sienkiewicz returns to the Spirit for an eight-page backup story for its 2010 relaunch.


Bill Sienkiewicz 2010: The Spirit #1

Sienkiewicz returns to the Spirit for an eight-page backup story for its 2010 relaunch.




Bill Sienkiewicz 2009: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? #1-4 covers

I commissioned these covers! I remember getting them and being blown away. We knew with Sienkiewicz you just let the man go, he’ll give you something distinct. The Dick estate loved these, too.

Great note by Ian Brill!

More Philip K. Dick covers to come (as I’m sure Ian can attest to)!


New Physics gets a nice review!


Review: New Physics by Box Brown

I jumped into a lot of comics subscriptions this Spring. I wanted to get an idea of the current small press landscape, I wanted to push my own boundaries as a reader, and I wanted to read work from people I hadn’t seen before. One of those subscriptions is Yeah Dude Comics 2014 subscription from publisher Pat Aulisio, which has been a bit of a mixed bag for me. Certain work from the subscription like the comics of Laura Knetzger have been wonderful, while others have been less interesting. Box Brown’s New Physics is the latest book from the run.

New Physics is 20 pages of two-color risoprint comics in neon pink and black. 2014 is the year of the neon pink risograph comic, it seems. The comic is the story of Vern, a musician and social media mogul in the far future who slowly builds an audience and then converts it into a cult.  

One of New Physics’ strengths is Brown’s strong eye for page construction and paneling. Vern’s profile links up to the social helmets of new followers in one page. Other pages show websites and social media sharing; part of the comic is Vern’s personal journey, and the other part is the broadcast. Brown is able to tie all of this stuff up very cleanly.

We also get a look at social media through a different lens - Brown imagines how the already social connectivity we live in now will evolve over a few hundred years. It’s not insanity to think that religions could spring up inside social media. Different platforms tend to pull specific crowds of people into them, forming like-minded collectives. It’s a fascinating rabbit hole. Brown also gets to have a little fun with his instagram-like follower pictures and usernames.

I love the parallels that Brown draws between the New Physics cult and the non-denominational mega churches that collect thousands upon thousands of parishioners and put ATMs in the back of the sanctuary. There’s this theme of monetization that runs through parts of the comic - buy the NewPhysics™ Torso Reimaginer, get the hat and T-shirt. Buy your salvation, fools.

New Physics is compelling and cynical view of tomorrow from a cartoonist you should be paying attention to. Recommended.


Notes: Again, apologies from pulling images off the internet for this review - my scanner can’t handle neon colors very well, they all end up washed out. Because of this, there are some color discrepancies between the images as posted and the final comic d/t the riso print.

Box Brown (tumblr: boxbrowncomics) is cartoonist and publisher with Retrofit Comics (tumblr: retrofitcomics) His recent graphic novel, Andre the Giant: Life and Legend, a biography of the legendary wrestler, was published by firstsecondbooksYou can get a copy of New Physics at Box’s website.

New Physics is published by Pat Aulisio (tumblr: yeahdudecomics). You can see more of the comics published by Pat on his website.